Dry Ice Special Effects.

Dry ice special effects are often called for but seldom asked for, especially in shots for low fog for movies and tv.

Dry Ice Special Effects for low lying fog

When we create these low fog effects we occasionally use our aging Londoner and Pea Souper machines, but we often prefer to hire in other machines. We favour the JEM Glaciator, a self contained unit that supercools smoke vapour to create a low fog, or the Look Solutions Cryo-Fog which uses Liquid CO2. Both create great looking but slightly differing results, and are extremely practical and cost-effective over traditional dry ice. For an example, see Sade’s video  of ‘Soldier of Love’ where we used the JEM to create a dry ice effect that dissipated as the camera tracked across to reveal Sade!

If you’ve got a low fog or potential dry-ice special effect but you’re not quite sure how best to progress, we’ll be happy to talk through your options. Just ring and ask to be put through to Jason.